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Amaranth Rose on Jan 17, 2002 at 15:15 (

Re: These people are SICK! (WERTY)

They are people who have never gone without, never had to steal their next meal from a feral dog, never had to sleep beside a heap of rotting vegetation to keep from freezing to death, never been faced with the choice of killing something with their bare hands or starving. Most importantly, they have never bothered to fill their minds with useful knowledge and thoughts, nor has a single spore of honor or mercy ever germinated in their minds. They become prey to people with agendas so complex even they aren't sure what they are, and they become the mindless blade of any ideology that grabs their hormones. If Al Qeda came along, they would join it. They are happiest when being told what to do by someone who knows the magic of praise and the finer points of human manipulation. They are the product of too much guns and circuses and too litle encouragement to learn to think for themselves. And unfortunately they are the future of our civilization.

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