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Amaranth Rose on Jan 17, 2002 at 14:55 (

Re: Eco-terrorists release list of targets in 2001 (bobbapink)

There is a difference between civil disobedience and senseless idiocy, and this posting clearly demonstrates the latter.

Using violence against humans to promote peaceful, humane treatment of animals makes about as much sense as fighting for peace or publicly copulating to promote chastity.

These people's rhetoric is a bunch of jovial equine excrement which belongs nowhere so much as in the compost heap. Destroying plants and animals being used in research to further human knowledge in the interests of bettering the world for all its species is brainless and senseless.

Perhaps these people would prefer to live naked and with only stone tools in a compound filled with hungry lions, tigers and leopards and a dwindling supply of firewood.

If these people want to be taken seriously, they can get themselves some stock and vote in the annual meetings of the companies that disburse funds for the research they find offensive. Get themselves on the board of directors of companies whose idea of long-range planning is 90-100 days. Put their money and their bodies where they could REALLY make a difference, instead of acting out their bizarre antisocial tendencies against people whom they will never meet. There is no honor or redeeming grace in anonymously killing or maiming someone whom you have never seen; tree spiking, bombings and fires are vicious, indiscriminate tools of destruction that bear clearly the signature of the perpetrator. That signature is clearly scribed upon the wall by the moving hand of Life; it is, plainly and simply, "COWARD".

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