Re: The Martian Dialogs - final chapter

Posted by Mike Kremer on Jun 11, 2002 at 05:43

Re: The Martian Dialogs - final chapter (Bobba)

Its unlikely that Jim Garvin will be NASAs head
scientist for Mars, by the time we land man there.

Can you really envisage letting man upon Mars with no provision for at least extracting usable water for drinking, or oxygen for breathing?
Its quite understandable that Jim G has no plans at this moment in time!

When the time is ripe there will be latest tech- nology for water production that we hav'nt mentioned with our limited knowledge.
Apart from condensation domes, mini nuclear power supply, solar cells.....How about using the fab wind power up there that heats a resistor enclosed in a pipe pushed into the ground? Or a pipes using a liquid to transfer heat? By using an enlarged black conducting pipe top to trans-
fere heat down into the ground?
Both methods are self sustaining, requiring no maintenance, and would supply water using capillery action.
When the time comes Man will be up to the challenge...inspite of the doubters of today.

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