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Posted by Sulpicius on Jun 10, 2002 at 07:11

Re: ----------Something New and Interesting------------- (olga)

For a magazine that supposedly offers knowledge to the public, it is certainly re-assuring that you only have to bear hideous loading times (many people are still stuck on 56k connections you know) and a heap of pointless animations to get it. I'd absolutely hate to see how slow those flash animations run on my pentium2 233mhz machine (not everyone can afford to upgrade often). Heck, the medicine one was chugging on my athlon 700mhz machine!

I was beginning to ponder that perhaps you meant well, that you actually knew a fair deal about science, but that your methods simply needed to be improved...

But that thought was discarded upon further investigation. I'm sorry, but you have to get YOUR OWN DAMN MATERIAL IF YOU WANT TO CHARGE PEOPLE FOR IT. Any village idiot can link to other site's contents. Any computer literate person can stroll up to a pc at a library and use a search engine to find what you linked in a very short time. And don't tell me this is for those who may not be computer literate - people who can afford to buy a science magazine regularly can also afford internet access, and are most likely computer literate.

I'd like to list more, but ancient history needs a study'n, so how about responding to my angsty lil rant, hm?

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