How many life lessons can a person learn in two weeks?

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Andy™ on Jun 06, 2002 at 01:50

No science, but I have time for only a few friends and I live with most of them, so when I accomplish something BIG, I want to tell aquantences about it.
At the beginning of this term I had all A's in all subjects while working 30 hours per week. I'm taking intoductory programming (a sleeper), project management, Economics, and Statistics.
All A's, easy to do if you do and turn in your work and take the tests.
Then... life happened. :|
First I got sick... medicine I had for that inhibited my brain so much I doubt I was safe to drive. Project quality went far below average, test scores down... down... down.
Got better, did better...
Wisdom teeth. x_x Pain medications actually said on the bottle that you weren't safe to drive or make any important decisions. Vicoden, I belive is how it's spelled.
Anyway, I was on that stuff then, and there was NO work done for school.
Grades fell from A's to C's and a good old fasioned F (statistics. There was a test in every class period for that one) in one and a half weeks. O_o;
I was less than happy with this... My family back home was upset with me. Having my family upset with me didn't bother me nearly as much as falling so quickly. I determined I'd do better!
More life happened.
I got into a three-car pileup. X_x; Late for class... Possible lawsuit... Insurance people calling me... Conflicting stories... o_O; No injuries to me! WOW, something went well.
Work. "Andy, we need you to do this..." Overtime... Less homework time...
A stolen checkbook.......
A lost/stolen $200 dollar check...

At this point, Andy is tired of life happening. :( I devote 8 hours on Saturday to drive to school and do back-due labs for my computer classes, then 7 hours over two nights to doing back-due tests and assignments for Statistics... Then 4 or 5 hours inbetween those blocks studying for make up exams for the computer classes (scores: 98, 95, and 96. 98 and 96 were on material I was not present in class to hear the lecture. Purely self-taught.) Multiple hours wherever I could squeeze them for Economics studying...

Boom... B in Econ, A's in both computer courses and a B in Statistics. There's still hope for A's in both Econ and Stats before the end of the term, as well.

:D Andy kicked life's butt.
And I can STILL afford to take 2 weeks off work in the summer to go home and visit my parents, brother and my li'l niece.

How many life lessons do you count? I see many... many many. Not counting all the ones I learned from little side adventures over the same two weeks I didn't mention.
Fortunately, the clear tail lights on my truck which are UNGODLY difficult to find are unscathed, and my cobra eyes are fine too. So far those are the only mods I'd done to it, and with insurance's help, I can pay for the damage repair with my entire next pay check. Lost/stolen check is cancelled, cost to me. Stolen checkbook made worthless as well.

Gratefull for your attention, AMc now must study for an Economics test. :)

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