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DA Morgan on Jun 04, 2002 at 12:43

Re: Deterioration of rain forests (Alicia)

Not that many years ago, geologically speaking, the Middle East, Israel, Egypt, etc. were forested. Not that many years ago, meaning within the lifetimes of your grandparents the stocks of fish off the coasts of America were robust and healthy. Not that many years ago, meaning within the lifetime of your parents, there were Tasmanian Tigers in Australia.

We, as humans, have a long, and less than impressive record, of favoring short-term commercial interests over long-term public interests. It is gradually changing but not fast enough to save much of the rain forest.

I think much of what is being said about the rain forests is hyperbole. I think the current species extinction numbers are fabricated. I think their value to medicine exaggerated. But the climate changes that are happening and the implications for the future due to currently unknown factors should cause us to be cautious. Unfortunately we won't be.

And it will be your generation, and those that follow, that will suffer from our folly.

Get politically active!

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