Re: Photons. I need some help, if you can and will....

Posted by Mike Kremer on Jun 03, 2002 at 16:55

Re: Photons. I need some help, if you can and will.... (Uncle Al)

Well...! Your above statement certainly upset all my pre-conceived ideas (for better or worse) regarding the Sun losing mass.
I take your point that there is no mass lost in the interior of the Sun due to the heat energy generated by thermonuclear fusion. Nor would there be any mass loss were additional heat to be generated by magnetic flux's. Which I believe, might well be caused by the unequal rotation of the Suns polar v equitorial regions, self-inducing a magnetic field within the metallic Hydrogen?
Anyway, all atomic heat reactions must slowly rise to the surface, mixing and producing heavier elements as it does so. The breaking of magnetic fluxes must be at least one cause of the solar prominances and flares exploding from the surface Are not the flares Hydrogen burning? Also Helium? Prehaps iron? I dont have access to the spectrum of the Suns emmission lines, but is burning not an unreasonable statement? That the burning of hydrogen and heavier elements, means a weight loss?
I assume all the electrons would be stripped from a solar flare, with prehaps 99% of the prominence falling back into the suns surface again. This
would allow neutral atoms, and particles to leave the Suns surface? Thus reducing its mass?
How about Neutrinos slowly working up from the core? What if those hard to spot subatomic particles have got some mass after all?

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