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Posted by Sparrow on Jun 03, 2002 at 10:26

Re: Whose the boss? (Dogrock)

[I'm posting this here after having read the the earlier posts, in the hope of actually answering some of D-R's question.]

Human intelligence is unique in many ways. Models of AI are only approaching the fuzzy logic used by the youngest toddler (estimates are that we have 60% of our adult skills by age 5). E.g., in the understanding of generalizations, such as "cup-ness", a baby can easily recognize ANY cup after a point, but computers have to memorize every cup that they "see." And so it is for everything. The algorithms for the generalizations like "cup-ness" have yet to be written, I understand. It's a mess, they say. There was an article on intelligence in Discover a few years back that tackled the topic well.

Computers have memory, can be programmed to solve certain kinds (many kinds, really) of problems, but then getting a computer to be motivated to think and solve its own problems like any baby can is eons away.

Feelings are a whole 'nuther arena. You are correct in observing (if I interpret you correctly) that logic and feelings are interactive and constantly modifying one another. Yes, our lack of logic makes us smarter than mere computational power -- I think you've made a wise observation.

Well done.

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