Re: NASA finds Masses of Water on Mars !!!!!

Posted by Southern Man on May 27, 2002 at 08:40

Re: NASA finds Masses of Water on Mars !!!!! (Mike Kremer)

“This huge water find just 1 meter below the surface means that man can supply himself with the means for life using just a spade. The water also will provide the means for return fuel.”

Sorry to break in on your dream but next you need energy. If I put you is a dark freezer with an ice cube and a Swiss Army Knife, you aren’t going to make rocket fuel. You might even starve to death before you figured out how to turn that ice cube into nutrition. Mars is farther from the sun meaning it is darker. It is very cold. It has very little atmosphere and that is almost all CO2.

So you take your spade and start digging and hope you don’t freeze to death before that last breath of air you took from your tank runs out or your blood boils from the lack of pressure.

Water ice is nice but by no means sufficient. It is going to take a lot of energy to make that water usable. Far more energy than it takes to move spacecraft between planets or grow plants.

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