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Posted by Mike Kremer on May 24, 2002 at 19:33

Re: trying again... (Andy™)

Hi Dogrock, the question you and everyone else is trying to answer, is one of the deepest questions ever raised.
Your question can only be answered using the physics of our universe as it appears to us today.
Our fundamental laws of physics may also depend upon how the overall cosmological evolution of our universe evolved, which in turn might well depend upon how interactive other multi-universes or curled up dimensional universes, around us may have developed. Even whether there are other multi-universes, or even whether we exist inside a black hole. Prehaps, OUR big bang was the explosion of a black hole. Were we to be living on a planet somewhere within the area of an exploded black hole, we might look towards the 'center' and see it as the 'Milky way'. Looking in the opposite direction we might spy an Andromeda galaxy, far away and reddened by distance. In short, things might well look much the same as they do in our present universe ttoday. Everything rushing away from us due to the blackhole explosion. Given the time for intelligent life to evolve within this "black hole universe" we might well find the same cool average temperature of 2.7 degrees above absolute, when looking out into the depths of space.
Our own universe can best only be understood using the tools of our own universe, i.e. our physical laws and our intelligence.
All the theorys to date, only try to explain our position in the greater unknown. Multi dimensional universes, Calabi-Yau, or curled up shaped universes may explain some aspects, but the deeper we probe the more complicated the answers.
We can never look back into the past to see our beginning, for the past no longer exists. The past is a product of the all the interactive laws of all the universes that were in existence. But since the physics of these unknown universes are bound to be different, we will never be able to know the truth as to whether there really was an initial start state of infinite energy, density and temperature.
My mind tells me that if there was....then its (infinite) density far exceeded the density of black holes today. Its a nice theory.....but since even black holes are thought to explode or squeeze (evaporate) themselves out of existence as they grow bigger. I find it more ethically pleasing to believe in the 'Steady state' theory.
I dont have to believe in a multiplicity of Gods
either.(That helpful anyman?) Hehehe
Keep on thinking Dogrock, you're doing well.

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