"Brain S*x" by Anne Moir, PhD

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Sparrow® on May 22, 2002 at 15:03

Re: Sex Differences In The Brain (Natalie L. Smith)

...is an excellent book on the topic. It's one of the 9 on my nightstand that I still have to finish. Dr. Moir took a whiole lot of crap from the women's groups for reporting the facts of the case.

I have mentioned her and the following elsewhere in the forum over the past 36+ months: just as it's not surprising to find more males than females in reading resource rooms (though the ratio is definitely less over the past 10-20 years), one shouldn't be surprised that for every female math PhD, there are...........ready?............11 male math PhD's! -- this goes well beyond any social and lifestyle biases toward "males are the only math experts!". The reason appears to be exactly what is being discussed about right/left brain dominance. Dr. Moir and a Dr. Donald Joy have discussed the mother's hormonal influences on the developing male brain tissues just as genital structure differentiation is occurring.

Generally speaking, females have linguistic superiority and more rapid processing overall, males tend to have visuo-spatial superiority. Anthropologically speaking, it seems to me that the intent of the design is that mothers teach the children language arts and the fathers manual arts. In any civilization, both are needed.

I agree with Natalie that it is foolhardy to separate kids by gender. It makes FAR more sense to separate them by learning styles, but that takes a whole new awareness. It's coming......


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