Re: Sex Differences In The Brain

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mara on May 21, 2002 at 13:43

Re: Sex Differences In The Brain (DA Morgan)

way back when i was just out of high school, i read a psychology text book from a college that stated that men were definitely more intelligent than women.

the proof given was that more men received PHd. degrees than women did.

there was no indication of who had written this, the research done that supported it, or social factors that discouraged, or even prevented women from getting PHd degrees were.
(so, i am better at science than i am at english)

i read this kind of clap-trap with my usual skeptical cynicism.

there are most definitely differences between men and women, but that does not necessarily mean that one is more intelligent than the other.

my next topic will be chromosome structure related to male and female, and the relatively large number of humans who are born with ambiguous chromosome sexuality. this topic is rarely mentioned, let alone discussed.

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