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Posted by Dale on May 20, 2002 at 09:11

Re: WE'RE ALL GONNA" DIE! Its in the Measurements? (Mike Kremer)

'Cause global temp measurements of what-ever-type are not only getting more accurate, theres a darn site more readings of them these days, than ever before.

Agreed!!! So can we determine a trend from one good reading? Can we measure a significant trend in 10 seconds or even 10 years? Is a difference between 1 reading and the average of 100 more accurate than the single reading?

But my problem isn't that I deny a slow surface temperature rise is evident. It is that it is so small it is hard to measure, balanced by temperature decreases elsewhere, physical processes will cause it to decrease and, in the end, is insignificant. My reading of the evidence is that it will cause no significant harm compared to the harm we are inflicting in an attempt to change it. Those who are worried about global warming want to deny the reality that the global temperature has been changing for as far back as we have looked. The environment adapts. The environment is not static and never has been. The earthís temperature, however, has always been far more stable than the global temperature models predict. That tells me the models are still wrong.

Instead of running around throwing money and lives at a problem that may or may not exist, I just want some evidence there is a real problem. Show me that a rise in sea level is going to be noticed by anyone over the random hurricane damage before the people involved have lived and died and then Iíll get excited. Show me that a few degree rise in surface temperatures are going to affect crops more than fertilizer and hybridization before the people involved have lived and died and then Iíll get excited. Show me that global warming is more of a problem than global infant mortality and then Iíll get excited. But be forewarned that when I get excited Iím still going to advocate fixing the problem rather than sealing the earth in a plastic bag so that it will never change. If atmospheric CO2 is the real problem, I can remove it for far less cost than preventing itís release by modern technology. It would be even easier to adjust the global temperature with humidity control.

If you are really concerned about global warming:
1. Prove that it is really occurring,
2. Prove that it is going to cause a significant reduction in global standard of living,
3. Donít insist that your current favorite solution is the only possible solution,
4. Get out of the way and let those who know how to fix problems fix it.

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