Re: WE'RE ALL GONNA" DIE! Its in the Measurements?

Posted by Mike Kremer on May 19, 2002 at 15:06

Re: WE'RE ALL GONNA" DIE!!! (Dale)

Ahhh hahaa, now we finally gotcha. You say-
"......after 30 years of study we still don't really know if there is a (global warming) problem
or if it is just in the measurements?"

Now I know that you are a very scientific minded chappy, dealing in measurements all the time,
(even if you do use an antiquated bamboo Hemmi ;)
So I know you dont really believe what you said above. Forget exuses, climb on the bandwagon and admit global warming before its too late.
'Cause global temp measurements of what-ever-type are not only getting more accurate, theres a darn site more readings of them these days, than ever before.

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