Posted by Dale on May 19, 2002 at 10:05

Re: WE'RE ALL GONNA" DIE!!! (Mike Kremer)

Thanks for the welcome back from you and Anyman and Dogrock (Love ya’ too, AR). I'm still monitoring from the back of the class but don't have time to participate except occasionally.

I looked at the link you provided and found it interesting. I have no objection to studying such things as paraquat. We've already studied it to death so I would object to large amounts of money being squandered on such research but a little more study wouldn't be objectionable. And if you lived in the US you might even make some money on the deal. What I do object to is that these findings of the universal presence of acrylamide was not found before we wasted billions on laws trying to remove it from water supplies. Why do we continue to squander our resources on problems that haven’t been proven to exist? Acrylamide should be the poster child for global warming. Yet it is hard to find any mention of these studies in the popular media. “Disaster is upon us” is more news worthy than “maybe we overreacted”. Government agencies can hire more people to write regulations than they can to find that common chemicals in our food and water supplies don’t cause any problems. Greenpeace can raise more money to stop global warming than to point out that after 30 years of study we still don’t really know if there is a problem or if it is just in the measurements.

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