that is not enough...

Posted by anyman on May 18, 2002 at 21:52

Re: and if that is not enough... (DA Morgan)

i don't reject any real science...i reject pseudoscience and its practitioners and promoters

i am both an academic and a scientist

i have considerable respect for science and some scientists...mostly those that do not promote the darwinian myth...actually i even have considerable regard for some of those that do, albeit cautiously and only in selective areas

antibiotics don’t work

actually they do work...although they are becoming less effective as antibiotics are abused and misused and bacteria become resistant and ever more so with the passage of time...neither point has ANYTHING to do with darwinian evolution

space travel is a fake travel is real enough...but it’s success again has nothing to do with the darwinian paradigm

computers don’t work

mine works pretty fine...powerful enough to run a small country, maybe even several...but this again has not one iota of dependence on the darwinian evolutionary philosophy

the earth is flat

no again...the earth is roughly spherical…nor is this reality even remotely affected by darwinian evolutionary hypotheses

if you were older, and perhaps better educated...

my education?...i have considerably more than you do...i also read and study widely...and unlike you, i actually read...and read and study on all sides of the you, i too teach at university...unlike you, i teach upper level undergrads, master’s, and phd students while you teach night school adult ed; i have been doing so for many years and you are finishing up your second year…your education and teaching experience don’t compare with mine...your ad hominem efforts are both ineffective and false

my age is at most two or three years different from yours (if my inference is correct, you are presently 50 or 51)...but that also has nothing rational to do with evolutionary thought

it would be rather humorous were it not for the fact that such creative thinking processes have led to so much death, destruction, and misery

the evolutionary thinking to which you so heartily subscribe (and i formerly heartily subscribed) has led to far far far more death, destruction, and misery, than has the **creative** thinking to which i now so heartily subscribe wrong on every point you tried to make in this particular post

but you welcome to try always :-)

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