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DA Morgan on May 13, 2002 at 13:26

Re: a mild (unqualified) criticism (y)

Progress is made based on three entirely different criteria.

1) Basic researchers to go for knowledge for its own sake.

For example the study of dinosaurs. No one is getting rich digging up old bones.

2) Commercial researchers whose directions are often controlled by people in marketing because they see product or market-share potential.

For example the electronics that make your computer work. The original discovery of the transistor may have been an example of #1 but it has been driven by commercial potential ever since.

3) Government incentive directed by people who have a political motive.

The best example being the space program when "we beat the Russians to the moon."

Putting anyone on a pedestle is ALWAYS a bad idea. Power corrupts. And giving someone power always leads to the potential for its abuse.

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