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Posted by y on May 13, 2002 at 08:45

Re: a mild (unqualified) criticism (DA Morgan)

good point.

but imagine if scientists were put on pedestles, who is to say that i would not still be sitting infront of this or an even better computer (or even somthing completely different) today.

it seems to me that communication is a very important aspect of life/nature. so, whoevers pedastal we had knelt at, there would be a good chance that an improvement in communicative technology (i use the word 'technology' loosely) would have evolved albeit a different technology.

for example:
if we had knelt at the pedestal of scientists who believed that the way forward in communication was through direct mind to mind communication, we may have gone down a different path, and yet to us the mysteries of science percieved by us (as a result of the journey down this different path), may have had reasonable (acceptable) explainations, that were just as acceptable/unacceptable as those we have today.

just another thought,

i dont ask questions just to try to trip people up, i ask them to provoke (for want of a milder word) a response, so i may then judge those responses, and the basis of those responses, and thereby form my own views based upon what 'I' feel is a valid argument.

i do think that your argument in this case is very reasonable, and will consider it more carefuly over my period of time on this planet.

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