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DA Morgan on May 12, 2002 at 14:03

Re: Triggering of Little Ice Age (Randall Frost)

Welcome to the board.

And welcome to ridiculous pseudo-science ideas created by people who either know little of what they speak ... or just don't care.

It is remarkably easy to prove that the proposition in the reference you provided is ridiculous on its face.

The Crab Nebulae is 6,000 light years from us. Meaning that the fastest anything could have travelled to here, from there, is 6,000 years.

If the light arrived here in 1054AD and the supposed dust only 200 years later then the dust would have had to travel at a speed of 96.8% of the speed of light. Something that has never been observed and would require energies beyond anything a supernovae would be capable of producing.

As the dust would have been thrown out from the nebulae in a spherical cloud it would be visible today in many locations ... and clearly is not.

Keep asking questions ... keep exploring ... but the mini-ice age's origins will not be explained by violations of the laws of physics.

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