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Posted by Mike Kremer on May 12, 2002 at 08:46

Re: Triggering of Little Ice Age (Randall Frost)

Hi Randall, welcome to the Scienceagogo board.
Hope you will stay and contribute from time to time. I arrived here about 5 years ago, and found so fast and interesting...that Im still here

Thats a very interesting find of yours, I have no doubts about its implications with regard to a mini Ice Age. Although one has to accept the 200
year arrival of dust, and in sufficient amounts.

Its very reminicent of Prof F. Hoyle and colleage
Wickramasinghe, who proposed more than 30 years ago that the Earth periodically passes thru
dust clouds which might also cause the various Pandemic Flu's that appear on earth.
Hoyle has greatly refined his theory to the extent that in 2000 he was able to predict a Flue epidemics as a consequence of sunspots (that provide the charged plasma) that direct the inter-planetary dust towards Earth....PROVIDING Earth
was travelling thru a dust cloud.
NASA have been flying high level planes and balloons collecting this dust on sticky plates since the 1970's. They estimate that the Earth is accreting some 40,000 tons of interplanetry dust per year.
Fred Hoyle has shown a number of recent instances whence an Influenza pandemic has struck world wide within hours, (used as his main argument) and yet has taken three weeks to spread across a continent by human contact, Boston to California being one case in point.
As with all new ideas there are the unbelievers.
Still with the concensus of opinion being that life may have arrived on Earth via a slushy comet One needs to believe all, or none.
(Apologies to our bible readers)
There is an Interplanetery probe circling the Sun out in space now, due to return to Earth in 2006? with lots of I'planetry dust, I am sure its called "Stardust" (not heard anything about it)
But I believe life spores will be found, when it returns.

Flue Outbreaks

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