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DA Morgan on May 10, 2002 at 13:14

Re: a mild (unqualified) criticism (y)

You may be taught in primary education schools to look at Newton, or Darwin, or Einstein as infallaible but this is just a sign of bad science education.

When I was in the lab I would have given my left foot to overturn the theory of some pompous _ss professor. And in doing so would have guaranteed myself graduation with honors.

The truth is a bit different from the primary school presentation. There is no one, not even Albert Einstein, who believed his theory was perfect. He spent almost his entire life trying to find the problems and fix them. Something string and brane theorists are working on diligently today. The inconsistencies between the relativistic and quantum views of gravity clearly show that both are mostly right but contain errors.

So if Einstein didn't think he was correct. And almost every other scientist alive, likely all of them, don't think he was correct. I think you can clearly see the problem with your perception.

Correct in science is only as correct as the imperfections that are found. And that is why research continues.

But were scientists put on pedestles and treated, by other scientists, as though they were infalliable you would not be sitting in front of a computer reading what I just wrote.

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