a mild (unqualified) criticism

Posted by y on May 10, 2002 at 12:02

Re: life began here...no, no...there...well, somewhere :-) (DA Morgan)

in my very humble opinion.

'Thus science has the opportunity to correct itself'

in my current (unqualified) view of science it seems to me that science, although correcting itself, very rarely (if ever) starts again.
and only ever corrects itself regarding peripheral rules/principles/laws, and only then because these peripheral rules conflict with the major rules.

to me it seems that science automatically accepts (for the right or wrong reasons, i don't know) that Newton, Einstien and other famous scientists were correct.

results may be repeatable, however, there may be other theories that are equally valid and equally repeatable that we're no yet aware of.

for example

square root of 144=12

all different ways of getting to the same answer.

Just a thought

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