Re: life began, no...there...well, somewhere :-)

Posted by anyman on May 09, 2002 at 19:17

Re: life began, no...there...well, somewhere :-) (DA Morgan)

lump me where you still doesn't make you or darwin or the high and holy journals any righter

the book that i rely on most, but far from exclusively (i have personal subscriptions to several of the best known journals of science both hardcopy and online), is not 2000 years old, parts of it date back at least 3400 years and the earliest parts may date back much earlier than that if specific pericopes turn out to be colophons in actuality...

and that book is a standard, pattern, unchanging, transtemporal and transcultural

and it is so in part because it is by far the best description of reality in myriad areas available to man today...or any other day :-)

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