Re: ''Cloned Pigs for Human Transplantation'' The Dangers?

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Jan 13, 2002 at 14:40 (

Re: ''Cloned Pigs for Human Transplantation'' The Dangers? (Dale)

"Without our ability to create life in vegetable or animal form we would all be real hungry about now"

Ability to create life? Are we now the Gods Themselves? Methinks perhaps your zealous penchant for hyperbole has gotten the better of you this time.

We no more create life than we pickle bucketsful of star core. We modify what already exists; we select organisms that exhibit evidence of something we desire and exert selective pressures on their populations to produce individuals with more of what we want, which we then selectively favor to reproduce. We shape life. We are merely potters manipulating a clay of living things against the background of the universe's whirling wheel.

Life is a condition; we are merely twiddling with its forms. The only thing we can do to change the condition is to end it. We have not the power to create it from non-living components. YET. We arenot yet the Gods Themselves.

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