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Posted by Southern Man on May 07, 2002 at 08:55

Re: Global Warming (DA Morgan)

Please explain. I have been unable to gain any information from your response. How does a few inch rise in mean sea level translate into salt in fields a thousand inches above mean sea level?

Also, so that we stick to the entire topic I'll ask again; Can you explain how a small rise in temperature is going to cause a disaster? Are we to also believe that a degree rise in temperature doesn't translate into a degree rise in temperature? That a one degree rise has the effect of dozens of degrees rise?

If you have any evidence to support your contentions I would be eager to see it because it seems so contrary to common sense. Common sense says that the effect of a one inch rise in sea level would be hard to see in a shore which is subjected to a several foot change twice a day due to tides, storms that routinely raise the level hundreds of inches, and plate tectonics that raise and lower the land tens of thousands of inches. The idea that salt could suddenly be transported hundreds of inches higher than current processes transport it simply by a one inch change seems totally illogical. Common sense says that a temperature change of one degree would be hard to see in an environment that changes dozens of degrees every day, one hundred degrees every year, and averages 10 degrees or more change from year to year depending on El Nino/La Nina and other factors. Yes, there might be statistically significant changes noticed over centuries but the earth has been accommodating changes this fast for much of its history. Ice ages come and go. Much hotter periods come and go. Life goes on. Life adapts. The environment is not static now and it never has been. When changes occur some parts of the environment are damaged and some benefit.

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