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Chevalier on Jan 13, 2002 at 11:44 (

Greetings. I am 13 years old. I am very curious on learning things. I am trying to understand something and would be grateful to anyone who could explain an anwser to my question. I know the universe has many laws of physic, and was wondering how one would go about to describe the law or relation on why when we count ( 1,2,3...) it is not ( 1,4,9,2...).What is this law called that makes the numbers in this order? I know numbers on the + will count in exact order infinitely and will do the same on the - . When we measure an object, what is the universal law that permits us to know that the scale is exact and the scale's law does not change,for us to be able to measured an object,(exp: a 10 cent coin) and be satishfied it is reliable and exact? I suppose everything in the universe,in theorie can be measured, even on the sub atomic scale.Thank you for your time in anwsering my crazy questions. mike

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