global warming

Posted by anyman on May 06, 2002 at 03:50

Re: Global Warming (DA Morgan)

...I have no patience for self-centered, greedy, Americans whose attitude is "I have mine and...

come, come, dano...where is all of that tolerance you are always on about :-)

in actual fact, i don't have much tolerance for the attitude you describe above either...but then, there is no inconsistency for me...because i don't preach tolerance...i teach and practice that there are times when we should certainly be intolerant :-)

i mean, if, as you believe, natural selection has brought us this far...who are we to meddle with it now...after all, we are just part of the animalia that have no rhyme, meaning, or reason for being according to your philosophy...other than as a vehicle for genes to use as reproductive hosts :-)

we are no more or less important than anything else in the universe according to your phony philosophical philandering :-)

so quit messin with the nature of things...ya silly boy :-)

but then consistency has never been your strong suit anyway...has it :-)

(-: grins :-)

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