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Andy™ on May 03, 2002 at 19:07

Re: yes grrrr (I. S.)

There is no difference between causing a child permanent disfunction and hardship meaning well, and me beating someone's skull open thinking it would release pressure and relieve their headache.

Both have a permanently disabling (and if not caught in time, both would kill) affect, both had genuinely good intentions behind them. Both result in the victimization of another human, and a permanent removal of some piece of quality of life for that person.

The child will NEVER recover completely from what those people did to her.

Retribution must be extracted from these parents, not only for society's rule of law to continue to function (even though it's already only hitting on 4 out of 8 cylinders), but also to be an example to other would be parents to actually KNOW what they're doing before they potentially destroy another human being's life, or murder them. This can't just be let go, and if these people were so oblivious to the basic needs of a child, they most definitely should not get her back.

If I bludgeoned a person into a retarted state with good intentions, would I be "educated" about the sensitivites of the human head and then released back into the general public? I think not.

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