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Posted by Mike Kremer on May 01, 2002 at 15:43

Re: pardon my ignorance... (Andy™)

.....about the breakup of Antartica glaciers.
The opening of a sea route between the Aleutians and Greenland along the top of Canada, due to melting of Artic ice. Melting which has even cooled (temporarily) the North Atlantic ocean.
The retreat of Glaciers in Alaska.
The retreat of Glaciers in Europe
The retreat of Glaciers in the Himalayas, these
last have endangered 44 lakes in Nepal and Bhutan
Some melting glaciers in Bhutan are presently
retreating from 30-100 meters per year.
The decrease in Central USA rainfall, with the converse increase in Canada.
The decrease of rainfall in Africa, with the converse increase in Australia and elsewhere.
The slow rise in world Sea levels.

Thyat should be enough to refresh your memory.

I grant you that there have been no verified
climate statistics over the last 1000 years, since
climate records did not start until the 1860's
However the last 40 years of climate records have been very accurate

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