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If the majority of the world population became educated to the point of being able to make reasonable, logical, decisions and did not believe that earth and all of it's splendor was put here by god for man to do with what he will, and we didnít believe that when we die we go to heaven, I believe mankind would be far more reasonable and conservative with the resources at hand. I am not greedy so I assume there are others like me who are not greedy and are capable of making decisions for reasons other than for material gain. We allow greed and destructive behavior in our society but most of us are not excessively greedy or destructive. A clear understanding of the world in which you live can do wonders for the decision making process. The mere concept of going to heaven (a better place) in the afterlife makes you think this place isnít all that important.

We tend to overpopulate everywhere we converge. We donít seem to live in harmony with the rest of nature. We pollute our environment to the point that it becomes deadly. We base many of our decisions on profit/loss ratios instead of what is best for the future.

Yes many species have become extinct without the help of mankind. With the attitude that god put it all here for us we donít really care about the many species which are on the edge of extinction. If we become the stewards of the earth we could prevent further extinctions from taking place.

We have tried life with the belief in god and it isnít working. Letís try it without the belief and see if things improve.

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