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Posted by Southern Man on Apr 28, 2002 at 08:53

Re: I'm sorry, I just can't see it... (Andy™)

Breathing water makes you choke... how can anyone think that's not harmful? People... DIE from breathing in too much water and suffocating. Yet somehow a person could think that smaller doses of water won't hurt you. I got it. :)

No, I am not advocating smoking. That is a proven hazard. We seem to agree in general on smoking and law suits. But your logic is fatally flawed. Just because smoking is proven hazardous doesn’t mean second hand smoke is dangerous. In fact, there are dozens of studies that show no correlation between second hand smoke and health. Yet you seldom hear that in the media. An even stronger case can be made for radiation. Large doses of radiation are very harmful but small doses have repeatedly been shown to promote health in laboratory animals. When will we hear that on CNN? (Don’t hold your breath. That could be hazardous to your health. :-) )

>Anyway, the article(s) don't/doesn't truly apply to me because I don't eat fast food except maybe once or twice a year.

Do you eat bread? How about cereal? That’s the problem. People see what the media tells them and ignore the rest. The first study wasn’t about french fries. It was about cooked/baked carbohydrates. This “potent” carcinogen is found is all cooked carbohydrates. French fries are just the politically convenient target for the media. The real story is that bread and cereals are full of the stuff also. The real story is that it has taken this long to discover the widespread prevalence. The question then becomes are we worrying about and banning chemicals that are harmless? This study certainly suggests that the answer is yes.

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