Re: Seeing is believing, give me doubting Thomas

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KB on Apr 27, 2002 at 20:14

Re: Seeing is believing, give me doubting Thomas (Dogrock)

The media is prone to sensationalism. However, the dangerous effects of smoking, for example, are not immediately obvious to the consumer yet the long-term results of smoking are deadly. If researchers find a correlation between cancer and lifestyle (foods and habits) the public should be educated to the facts of the research. I am not going to stop eating French fries right now but if in the future it is shown to be one of the causes of cancer I will minimize my risk appropriately. It takes years consuming bad foods to clog the arterial system. Ninety nine percent of the time the consumer is oblivious to the danger he or she is in until suddenly the heart stops beating. Knowledge is the precursor to prevention.

Lets keep our minds open.

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