message to V from L if your still around (re disscusion in a kitchen some years ago)

Posted by y on Apr 25, 2002 at 11:01

It seems they have stumbled upon our thoughts of infinite implosion,
the continually inversing UNIverse trapped in the infinite centre.

multi-verses are created upon ‘each’ (for want of a better word) continuous inversion, and collapse instantaneously.

That quanta are just a materialization of continuous (not discrete) inversion in the abstract macro UNIverse.

Told you the cat would get out of the box someday and put us in it.

We are the unobserved after all and so do not exist, until observed. So what (as I asked) is observing us? Either only consciousness can observe, or, consciousness is not needed to observe, or, everything is conscious

That tree in the woods don’t exist unless we observe it.

A single hand can clap.

Next prediction is that they will discover that the Square root of -1 is different in the (apparently) concrete manifestation of matter, and that using the true continuously inverting abstract reality rules, the square root of -1 is at the same time -1 and i.

Hope you’re out there (good luck in ya research L)

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