Try this, Pooh-dy-kins.

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Apr 22, 2002 at 19:11

Re: Ah, come on Rose (bobbapink)

I suggest you try cekcing out the links at the top of the paper, too.

Cost of Cfids

How can something that doesn't exist cause this much havoc? Why would people with solid degrees and sane minds study something that didn't exist? We study quarks, don't we? I remember when people pooh-poohed the idea of quarks; my father was a physicist them. I remember when the first laser was ssembled at Texas A & M; if I remember right, the guy that built it was was pretty good looking, too.

CFIDS is no joke. It is a living hell. It isn't something to poke fun at. But you don't care. All yaou want is to ridicule other people, people who really aren't as strong asa you think. There's a special place....

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