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Posted by Richard Linney on Dec 20, 2001 at 10:13
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Re: Pardon', Mam'selle (Sparrow)

There will only ever be 2 types of posting from myself:

1. An opinion.
2. An article I've found which I figure may be of interest to others.

But anyway, a few thoughts on the last posting:
"People can quickly scare themselves to death, but is it always triggering of latent DNA faults?"
Well - quickly taken to the extremes would be a heart attack.. so no latent DNA faults there.

I suppose someone exposed to stress over a prolonged period of time would die, no arguments there - but this stress would lead to altered biochemical (arrggh! that word again!) levels in cells as the body tries to compensate. This could lead to all sorts of problems, even triggering these "latent DNA faults".

But, as you so correctly stated, there are absolutely no absolutes. But science isn't fun without debate (in a controlled non-testosterone-y sense ~mentioning no names~).

The only example I can think of about people poisoning temselves by their toxic reactions is phenylketonuria.
This is an inherited error of metabolism though.
I follow your thinking though.

Hope you all have a fantastic xmas and a very happy new year,


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