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Posted by anyman on Apr 22, 2002 at 10:21

Re: hmm (DA Morgan)

Tell me what would be different in the universe if it happened according to the way scientists theorize

you mean the way that evolutionary scientists theorize

well...for one, it would be a lot older than ~6000 years

for another some or all spiral galaxies ought to be long since wound all the way up

for another there should be a far more evenly distributed starfield

What would be different if there was not conscious entity running the show (however ineptly)?

it would have never gotten started :-)

assuming we don't have to deal with the how nothing got busy and became something issue, then we would never have seen the order that exists in the universe today (mostly because without the order, we COULDN'T be here to see it :-)


What would be different if the universe were more than 15 billion years old?

the math starts getting really ugly then...they used to claim 20+ (some radicals even claimed 30by) but the mainstream had to back off because the math doesn't work and the formations now extant would not be possible...they're still not possible given billions of years, but...

What would be different if Darwinian evolution worked?

natural selection would have explanatory value for the darwinian paradigm might be able to explain the arrival rather than just the survival or extinction of creatures

natural selection would not be nearly so conservative in nature

there would be some biological (or any kind of) mechanism or process by which brand new highly specific complex genetic information could be generated...a real increase of genetic information

we would be able to produce/demonstrate numerous examples of those mechanisms

there would be countless examples of intermediary forms in the fossil record

Give concrete examples in English ... don't just quote from your one book

all answers in english and not one quote from the book :-)

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