In years of late

Posted by bobbapink on Apr 21, 2002 at 20:12

Re: Survival (Dogrock)

In years of late the United States military has sought to consolidate supply lines. This means incorporating into the designs of weaponry, common off-the-shelf components. The same Catchamegahydrocorporaltor used in a every supersonic jet is used in each walky-talky. Complete interchangeable. The benefit is that replacement and original manufacture parts are available on demand from a single supply chain. The detriment is that replacement and original manufacture parts are dependent upon a single supply chain. Clearly a big advantage and risk exists – depending upon the situation. Many would say that diversity is the key to success where the enemy seeks to target commonality. While I agree, they’ve yet to let me relieve myself in the Prestigious Pentagon Powder Room. The same, I’d guess, can be said for civilization as a whole. The more diversity in lifestyle and culture, the more risk you run of killing each other off in little skirmishes such as war, but the less risk you run of losing out as a whole should some asteroid pound your common requirement.

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