206,000 year old underwater Stalamite, cut lengthwise shows Sea rises and Falls

Posted by Mike Kremer on Apr 20, 2002 at 21:55

From the current NEW SCIENTIST issue 20th April.

This is an amazing story of an Italian Scuba diver
who found a large Stalagmite in an underwater cave, at Argentarola off the west coast of Italy.

He sawed it off using just a hacksaw and managed to bring it up to the surface.

His next step was to saw it in half lengthwise.
To the scientists amazement they found it had started growing 206,000 years ago proving the sea was more than 30 meters lower then.
201,000 years ago the Stalagmite was covered by the Sea, as it showed marine worms fossils inside it
Then 189,000 the Stalegmite started growing again
as the Sea levels went down.
And yet again 145,000 years ago, the sea rose to cover the rock once more.
Here at last we have accurate unequivocal dating
of the Sea levels.
There's going to be a lot of Climatologists and others*, who will have to revise their dates.
I would be glad if anyone could find more on this story and post it. There is a LOT more to add to this story.
The New Scientist wont publish the full article on the web until the 25th

* It might even put back Mr Noah and his Ark, or at least Gilgamesh?

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