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Andy on Apr 18, 2002 at 23:07

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I'm not specifying which biblical books I find dubious, because there are portions of several. It's been a while since I did my research on it, and my concordance is staring me in the face saying... "reviieewww.... revieeewwww...." so I guess I'll brush up.

As for death and sin...
hope you’ll reconsider...perhaps you forgot that according to romans 5.12-14 sin entered the world through man (specifically adam v14)...and death entered through sin, as a direct consequence of the sin of the man, adam...where is the support for that the first eleven chapters of genesis :-)

Yeah, I know... but it doesn't say that death is physical. It simply says death. I maintain it's spiritual death since you can't even breath without killing something. Now, if Adam and the lovely Eve and all the critters didn't breathe up until the first sin... and didn't walk or move at all... and all the micro-organisms were similarly immortal... and no plankton-eating sea critters existed... and... many many other conditions were met, then ok, physical death didn't exist.

Yeasss... all things are possible with god, but god doesn't do all things.

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