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Re: Gee, anyman.....CANSWN (contains absolutely no science whatsoever notwithstanding) (Andy™)

I finally understand the problem inherent in the Theistic Evolution postulation.

If one considers the entire bible to be god-given and all, at least old testament books, to be interpreted literally then yes, there are significant problems for theistic evolution from that view.

if one does not consider it to be god-given then he should throw it out...it is a package deal...all or nothing

there are those who have taken scissors to it and cut out the parts that they don’t like...others who just ignore the parts that they don’t like

that said, if you feel that the books of the new covenant are to be trusted as you seem to imply above...how do you argue against the problems that i pointed out in the earlier post using new covenant passages (which are in turn based on concepts first revealed in the first eleven chapters of genesis)

and how do you account for the fact that jesus and the new covenant writers quoted and referred to the first eleven chapters of genesis (the part that more people disbelieve than any other) more often than any other part of the entire book (with the exception of the psalms) for foundational support for the fundamental doctrines of christianity that they were teaching

Also, I've determined that the interpretation of "the wages of sin is death" that makes the most sense is a spiritual death, simply because it is impossible for there have been no physical death of any kind ever in human history.

hope you’ll reconsider...perhaps you forgot that according to romans 5.12-14 sin entered the world through man (specifically adam v14)...and death entered through sin, as a direct consequence of the sin of the man, adam...where is the support for that argument...in the first eleven chapters of genesis :-)

the problem is that you are looking at the world through corrupt eyes and a corrupt mind...as are we all

without the benefit of the recorded revelation in scripture, we would have no idea of why man does not now live forever

telomeres etc you say...sure, they are NOW relevant in a world of decay...that decay being the direct result of the sin of man...but medical science is still trying to find ways to discover and combat the factors that contribute to death...because beneath it all...we believe and hope that man can live for much longer periods of time...and beneath that is the hope that man can live forever

remember the tree of life (from the first eleven chapters of genesis :-)...as long as man had access to the tree of life he could and would have lived forever...part of the curse given as a result of that transgression was to the man, adam...when god said that he would return to the dust from which he came...a direct reference to physical death, the grave rather than spiritual death (genesis 3...which is found in the first eleven chapters of genesis)

the terms “death” and “sleep” in their various forms are often used interchangeably in scripture...sometimes they refer to spiritual death, sometimes physical death, and sometimes, both

in genesis 2.17 it is a double entendre...it refers both to spiritual and physical death

once the perfection of the created world was destroyed as a direct result of the sin of man, everything changed, everything was affected...everything...including all matter in the universe

in a perfect world, with access to the tree of life, man could and would have lived forever as is stated in genesis 3.22...there would have been no death (as god uses that term)

the bad news is...we blew it

the good news is...god didn’t...he provided a way back to the tree of life (revelation 22.2-3)...the curse will be lifted and man (those that choose to be among the elect that are predestined for salvation, eternal life with god) will once again have access to the tree of life and be able to live in peace, joy, comfort, disease free, pain free, death free, etc forever

as a professed believer, andy, you need to be careful about using the word “impossible”...you need to remember that while some things are impossible with man...all things are possible with god

hope that helps

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