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Posted by anyman on Apr 18, 2002 at 13:15

Re: Changed? (Dogrock)

Why must a book of the history of the faith of a people (the Jews) include anything but peripheral observations of science?

it is not limited to the is for fact that is one of the main threads throughout, the hebrews are used as an object lesson for all other peoples...that’s the main reason that they were “chosen”...and many other peoples are directly referenced

there are only a few things in the book that were intended for the jews alone...the most important of which is the mosaic was intended only for them and those that somehow became a part of their respective households...the mosaic law was never directly given nor directly intended for the gentiles in general other than in a didactic manner after the was one of the things that was to keep them separate from “other” peoples

OK, but when it is used to challenge everyone's beliefs, Jew or otherwise then we all can answer.

absolutely...all are free to understand, misunderstand, and comment as they see would be nice if we could get to the truth, though

Or when it is proposed to be the definitive version of the meaning of life for everyone, not just Jews, then we all can answer.

it is indeed so proposed...and once again all are free to answer

the goal, however, should be the answer...rather than an answer

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