Re: You dolt.

Posted by Bobbapink on Apr 16, 2002 at 18:43

Re: Which work would you like me to refute? (DA Morgan)

Once again, what sources would you like me to refute. I provided two sources refuting sources in the original reply...

...that refuted the claims make in your post by the BBC. Now, post something to refute further or continue with your lies - doesn't matter to me.

And as to this dribble of yours...

The point I am trying to make
is that if this is happening, and
I've seen nothing to make me think
otherwise, why don't you feel any
compassion for the people who will
lose in the process. Is your point
that poor people just don't matter
to you? If so I will agree. Poor
people don't seem to matter to you.

Well, i gave you some ways to help but you apparently you would rather whine than actually help. That's your bad, not mine.

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