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Posted by John W on Apr 09, 2002 at 11:01

Re: Did "Angels" Create the Universe? (Mike Kremer)

Why does the creation of the universe (and all else) by God result in terminating any further scientific enquiry? Creation by God may terminate the search for "purpose" by one who does not believe in God, but it certainly does not in any way slow down scientific study. In fact, scientific study is encouraged by the knowledge that God created all things with purpose and order.

He states:
"A difficulty with Harrison's vision is that if our universe was created by superior beings in another universe, and theirs in turn was created by superior beings in an earlier universe and so on, who or what created the first universe? One possibility, admits Harrison, is God. But he distinguishes between his idea and the religious view. "In my scheme, God starts things," he says. "Thereafter, superior beings take over the creation of further universes." Another possibility is that in the beginning there was a large ensemble of universes, each with its own random variant of the laws of physics. Most of the universes were dead and uninteresting. But, by chance, the conditions in at least one – the intelligent "mother universe" – were right for life. "Thereafter, intelligent universes come to dominate the ensemble, since they alone reproduce," says Harrison."

Ha Ha - Please! Time to stand up and SSTREEEEETTTCCCCCHHHHHHHHH.

He says further:
"But if a Supreme Being made the first universe, who or what made the Supreme Being? And if everything began with a mostly-dead ensemble of universes containing the intelligent mother universe, how did that come about? "Perhaps the supreme being occupied another universe created by an even higher form of intelligence, and perhaps the initial ensemble consisted of botched and bungled creations by a sorcerer's apprentice in another universe," says Harrison."


God is God and I am not! Look at the stars tonight and embrace the creation.

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