Re: Does Energy Matter

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Andy™ on Apr 09, 2002 at 10:03

Re: Does Energy Matter (y)

1)Does energy ever change into matter?

I believe so..

2)If so could you give me an example?

A couple of minutes after the big bang, theoretically... I think... :\

3)If so does it do so in descrete steps or is the change continuous?

Steps, I should think...

4)Does matter ever turn into energy?

Yep yep

5)If so could you give me an example?

A campfire

6)If so does it do so descretly or continously(am I in the realm of quanta here)?

I'll say discretely.
I'm not exactly an expert though, so don't trust me... Well, along those lines, don't trust an expert either, but he'll be a little more trustworthy than me, I hope.

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