Posted by anyman on Apr 06, 2002 at 05:43

Re: And what did I tell you? (Amaranth Rose)


first, there are other people here and kids that at least look in...get a handle on the language...please

second, i am not attacking or gouging or any of that stuff that you said

it's called friendly least it is from my end

i do it with a smile...and there is nothing wrong with it or unchristian about it

you are far too sensitive

nobody is attacking you personally or your femininity or your belief system or anything else

we don't agree on some things...tha's life

we jive about it because this kind of communication and our radically different views on a number of things tend toward that direction

i do not hate you...and you have some very admirable abilities

you can continue to paint me with this brush if you like...and it does sadden me some that you feel the way you do...we were friends...i am still your friend regardless of how you feel about me

the same goes for dano or and the many others who disagree with me

if we ever met, any of us, i would be glad to sit around and laugh about all the jazz that has passed between us

i keep all of that stuff separate...

relax, express your views, you and your thoughts are always welcome...whether here or wherever we might bump heads

i will express mine...if we agree, fine...if we disagree, fine

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