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Posted by Bubba on Apr 05, 2002 at 17:33

Re: not really... (Amaranth Rose)

...color me green

>>>This site used to have a lot to offer; now, all it has is tripe, and lint, and line-pickers who think they are engaging in
Science. At one time this was a place where high school and younger students could come and ask questions regarding
things like Physics problems and ask fo suggestions for Science Fair projects, and be treated with courtesy and respect.
The last person who came asking a Science Fair question got slammed. I won't allow my tutoring students to post here. I
don't consider the atmosphere to be appropriate. It's off limits. Besides, they would be posting from my computer, with my
IP nuber, and the howls would be raised loud and long.<<<

You have been the ONLY one here in my 3 1/2 years on this board to post these feelings. "Oh how this used to be a place where everyone was welcome...Oh how I long for those days again." Would someone please tell me how long the "utopianagogo" atmosphere lasted? The board is 4 years old? Must have lasted..........days. I would love some substantiation by some of those here longer than me.

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