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Amaranth Rose on Apr 05, 2002 at 17:09

Re: not really... (anyman)

"calabi yau is dano and amaranth's favorite catch phrase...the mere mention of it apparently invokes all manner of devotion :-)"

The attacks begin immediately. Without any provocation or attempt at understanding. Just savagery itching for an outlet. There's no way to have any kind of discussion in these circumstances. I'll take it up in email, if you wish, but this board has become a savage ground where the "in" crowd holds sway and the "out" crowd is swatted the moment it dares to post something other than the "in" crowd's party line.

It's a regular Animal Farm, now. All posters are equal, but some are more equal than others. Anyman can post freely, but let me say something to a newbie, or express an opinion in answer to a (seemingly) genuine question directed right at me, and, wow, he has to jump in and kick and scratch and gouge, telling anyone who talks to me that I'm full of sh**. Yeah, man, he's a real fine Christian, he is; everyone should take note of the shining example he's setting for people the world around.

If there are any swear words, to my way of thinking, it's linking my name with that of some man's, and accusing me of worshipping or being devoted to anything or anyone. Just another example of anyman's shining, sterling moral fiber. I guess it's hard to be upright and righteous when you're as perfect as he is.

I'd be glad to discuss my ideas, but not in the public toilet where others feel free to piss and shit all over me.

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