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Amaranth Rose on Apr 05, 2002 at 12:40

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And I'm sure I will be.

I'm not sure I know enough about Chinese or Japanese philosophy to really offer either intelligent or meaningful comments regarding chi or qi or ki.

What I am referring to is the occurrence among certain human beings of an apparent awareness of events that cannot be explained by normal sensory modalities. While these experiences appear to be internal within the individual, I am now aware of a number of individuals whose experiences are similar to my own, and whose experiences cannot be accounted for by mechanical means, such as radio or television transmission. An explanation using Calabi-Yau space as a means of transmitting information and involving time vectors other than what we ordinarily experience seems to show promise for solving some of the insoluble questions.

This is a difficult topic to discuss rationally, since most people want to turn it into a conversation about religio-psychological mysticism, and it degenerates rapidly into an argument involving parapsychology and witchcraft. I am not particularly interested in going to either of those places. But I am highly interested in the situation of the experience, inasmuch as I am positive it is not a form or insanity but is a sensory mode at a point in evolution. I'm not sure whether we are evolving toward it or away from it.

Calabi-Yau space makes it possible, in my opinion. Entanglement and string theory make it at least a little feasible. It would be nice to be able to have a sensible discussion about it somewhere. I surely don't have the answers; just lots of questions.

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