Re: Safety Nut for Vaulting

Posted by Eugene on Apr 05, 2002 at 02:16

Re: Safety Net for Vaulting (R. Tuff)

Good notion, but...

Circus nets will hurt you, when you land wrong, and you will more than likely land wrong. Maybe it's only a sprain, or a broken limb, but it's not a preveter for injuries, but more of an ameliorative.

The pole vaulter who died most recently hit the cushion, then bounced off the mat, out of the pit, and landed on his head; that was the proximate cause of death. A softer pile of cushions might've helped, (less bounce) but the vaulter still has to land on that pile with no significant horizontal velocity.

No, it doesn't look as if it should be a potentially fatal sort, but anything involving a falling even as much as his/her own height is likely to kill or brain-damage the practitioner.

Just look at this forum, for starters.

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