Re: Superfloods Continue To Generate Heat In Earth Science

Posted by anyman on Apr 04, 2002 at 21:08

Re: Superfloods Continue To Generate Heat In Earth Science (Dale)

i don't buy the 15,000 years ago...

but the principles of superflooding are those that are becoming more widely recognized...

and they certainly do set some geologists teeth "on edge"...those that are committed to lyellian uniformitarian geology are being confronted from many quaters with mounting evidence that uniformitarianism is a dead horse...long over beaten

mt st helens...OBSERVABLE geological phenomena...hours, days, weeks...NOT millions of years...including microstrata, dessication cracks, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc

and the result is a canyon system ~1/40 the size of the grand canyon system

at higher superflood energy levels...teh grand canyon could have easily formed in hours, days, weeks, months, perhaps over several years...but the grand canyon system would NOT require millions of years or even one million years or hundreds of thousands of years or tens of thousands of years

it could have VERY easily formed as the result of known inland seas, natural dam collapse(s) subsequent to an original gargantuan diluvial event

but naysayers are welcome to continue saying spite of the repidly mounting evidence

with eyes wide closed

and, of course...

the good news is...we all gonna know the answers someday :-)

nice find, chipndale...thanx

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